Concrete Sealers

Why do you need concrete sealers/stains?
You may need to use concrete sealer or stain if you have just completed some structural work using concrete. The concrete sealer will protect the concrete surface of the floor, driveway or patio deck from dampness, stains or any type of damage. If stained properly, concrete sealers and stains could be used for aesthetic purpose. You could choose from many different colours to give the surface of your floor or patio deck a finishing touch that would complement your home decor perfectly. So you may use concrete sealers and stains for that beautifully protected concrete surface of the driveways, car ports, swimming pool surrounds, light industrial floors, and paved stones and cobblestones.

Concrete sealers either block the pores in the concrete or form an impermeable layer which prevents absorption of water and salts. Our concrete sealers and stains are highly effective in penetrating the surface of the concrete and masonry to form a tough low sheen finish that is decorative as well as protective in nature. These interior/exterior solvent borne acrylic stains can enhance the natural texture of the concrete surface. They produce desirable results on porous concrete. Offering good abrasion and chemical resistance and UV and weather resistance qualities, these stains can be applied without using any primer. A minimum of two coats are sufficient. It will take 2 hours to dry. Depending on how porous the surface is and its profile, you may require 1 litre for every 4.5 to 5.5 sq metres of the surface. It allows for easy touch-up and recoating. You could also make use of polyurethane clear finish for tougher protection.

Polyurethane Clear Finish is an ideal product offering exceptional abrasion and chemical resistance. It allows for easy spraying, recoating and brush or roller application. There are other products also that could produce effective results when it comes to protecting the concrete surface. These are solvent based paving paints, solvent/water based marking paints, Epoxy coatings, and urethane coatings.

How can you apply Concrete Clear/Stain?
Before application, concrete clear/stain should be mixed slowly until you get a homogenous mixture. You may also need to stir occasionally during application. You may choose to apply by brush, short-nap synthetic fibre roller or spray. It is advisable to avoid overlapping as much as possible. Two coats of concrete clear/stain would be sufficient. However, if you want increased colour intensity, additional coats may also be applied. What is important to remember is that there should be a gap of at least 4 hours between the coats. After the last coat, you must allow for 24 hours before putting the surface area into use.

What kind of surface preparation is recommended for smooth application?
The concrete surface must be cleaned thoroughly to remove all dirt, dust and loose material. You may use moss and mould remover. Ensure that the surface is free from oil, grease and paint. When painting weathered cementitious surfaces, water blasting at 21,000kps is very effective for surface preparation. In case of new concrete, staining must be done after a minimum of 28 days. In case of staining the polished or glossy concrete surface, you must go for acid etching and light sandblasting to open the surface.

What precautions you must take whilst applying concrete sealers/stains?
You must avoid breathing vapour by using adequate ventilation whilst applying them. Concrete clear/stains are inflammable and so they must be kept away from heat and open flame. It is highly advisable to keep them closed when not in use.  

What are the limitations of concrete clear/stain?

  • Sensitive to solvents including petrol and diesel
  • Susceptible to mechanical damage; non absorbent substrates can cause damage
  • Penetration may get affected by silicone treatments; test patch is recommended
Colour intensity depends on uniformity of application, surface porosity and number of coats applied.

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